Our Services

  • - Management Accounting
  • - Consultation Services
  • - Professional Development and Placement
  • - Taxation

Management Accounting

We define Management accounting as the process to recognize the management needs, plan, execute, and evaluate various alternatives to satisfy the short and long term objectives of the management. Our firm provides a number of management accounting services including the following:

  • - Compilation of Financial Statements (Notice to Reader)
  • - Book-keeping in order to compile Financial Statements
  • - Setting up accounting systems as per client’s needs
  • - Assist clients in setting up management reporting systems
  • - Setting up Standard cost accounting and reporting systems

Consultation Services

We provide consulting services in following areas:

  • - Accounting software selection and implementation.
  • - Business Valuations for the purpose to buy or sell.
  • - Starting up a new business or incorporation of existing/ new business.
  • - Preparation of various business, Partnerships and other agreements.
  • - General legal matters.
  • - Business consultation
  • - Non-profit organizations: Incorporation and Tax deductible status from CRA
  • - Feasibility and profitability studies
  • - Debt settlement to avoid bankruptcy
  • - Financial evaluation to settle debts
  • - Credit cards settlement
  • - Workers compensation claim and settlement

Professional Development and Placement

We are not an Employment agency and go a step further to find the right individual, train them to professional standards and place with the potential employers when we are satisfied with the progress of individual.We do not charge any commission to employers who would hire from our inventory of Professionals including Accountants, Legal assistants, Systems analysts, Computer Programmers and Truck drivers.

Currently we are equipped to develop and place professional accountants.Our future plan includes developing and placing other Professionals e.g Legal assistants, Immigration Consultants, Systems analysts, Computer programmers, Web designers and Truck Drivers.

Our training cost is absorbed by the students and candidates who give Employers an edge over Employment agencies.The employers get our services absolutely free if they hire professionals from our Inventory. The Employers are encouraged to call us for a free interview and consultation for their human resources needs.

We offer many practical emphasis courses to foreign and Canadian accountants who have education and qualifications but lack Canadian experience in Canadian accounting market. The successful candidates are kept in our inventory and are offered positions in junior, middle and senior management with various employers.

There are two streams to join our firm for professional development and placement.

1.If you are a Chartered Professional Accountant or pursuing towards CPA and fully satisfied with your technical skills, you can register with us by passing our entrance examination.You will be kept in our inventory and would be called when an opportunity is available to place you with the career of your satisfaction.

2. Alternatively you can take any of our course and register for future part time or full time opportunity with the potential employer.

Following are some of the Vocational courses we are offering.

  • 1. Advanced Accounting for CPA senior students who are not working in accounting environment and need relevant accounting experience to qualify for the designation.
  • 2. Intermediate Accounting for Foreign Accountants who have CA, CPA, CMA,CGA or equivalent designation from their homeland but lack Canadian education and experience in order to enter into professional  accounting Canadian market.
  • 3. Basic Accounting for business entrepreneurs and college graduates who are interested to pursue towards Canadian CPA.
  • 4. Book-keeping using Quick Books for business entrepreneur, book-keepers and accountants who are interested to learn the operation of Quick Books software by our Certified Pro Advisor.
  • 5. Book-keeping using Sage 50 (Simply) for business entrepreneur, book-keepers and accountants who have been using simply accounting and are interested to learn new Sage 50.
  • 6. Book-keeping using P.C Law (Basic) for legal assistants and secretaries to do day to day activities for Canadian legal firms.
  • 7. Book-keeping using P.C Law (Intermediate) for Accountants who are pursuing their accounting career with Canadian legal firms.
  • 8. Book-keeping using P.C Law (Advanced) for Accountants who are interested to learn advanced skill like time billing and Trust Accounting  for legal firms.
  • 9. Microsoft Excel (Basic) for entry level candidates who have no or very little knowledge about computers.
  • 10. Microsoft Excel (Intermediate) for business entrepreneurs who are interested to learn basic mathematical use of Excel for day to day entries using Microsoft Excel.
  • 11. Microsoft Excel (Advanced) Designated CPA (CA/CMA/CGA) who are interested to start private public practice in accounting and would like to brush up with all advanced skills to manage and upgrade their public and management accounting practice.
  • 12. T-1 Personal income tax for individuals who are interested to learn how to prepare and submit income tax and benefit return to CRA.
  • 13. T-2  Corporation income tax for Ontario Corporations (Active and non active) for the individuals who are interested to learn how to prepare and submit T2 income tax returns to CRA. This course is also beneficial to Book-keepers and Accountants who did not get an opportunity to prepare Corporation income tax return for their business and clients.
  • 14. HST Returns for business operating in Ontario. Individual will learn how to calculate HST Input tax credits using both methods and maintain audit trail for CRA audit.
  • 15. Employee Deductions for payroll. The individual will learn how to determine CPP, EI, Federal and Ontario income tax using CRA website. It will be further learned how to tabulate and mile stone for this course will be to prepare monthly TD 7 annualT4 for the employees.
  • 16. Marketing techniques for a successful business. This course will be helpful to those individuals who are starting a new business or contemplating expansion.
  • 17. Other courses to be offered in future includes:
  • a. Time and File Management for Accountants
    b. ACCPAC for manufacturing corporations
    c. CRA services on line
    d. Service Canada services on line


  • - Personal income tax returns
  • - Business income tax returns
  • - Employee deductions, Payroll and T4 returns
  • - Corporation income tax returns
  • - Notice of assessments
  • - Notice of  Reassessments
  • - Notice of objections
  • - Appeals based on Compassionate grounds
  • - Appeals to Tax court of Canada
  • - Assistance in CRA audits
  • - Nonprofit organizations setup, registration and annual Charity Information return
  • - Workers compensation appeals and objections
  • - Harmonized sales tax returns, audits and appeals
  • - Payroll including monthly remittance, annual T4 and CRA audits
  • - Net Worth audits by CRA